Lenz Enterprises is a family-owned earth materials & services business

Lenz Enterprises is a family-owned materials and services business, serving residential and commercial customers across Northwest Washington.

Tom-and-Jason-Lenz-Gravel-SandEstablished in 1985 (as Lenz Enterprises, Inc.), we began as a sand and gravel wholesaler. In the early 1990s we added topsoil sales, and in the decades since we have grown both in terms of product and services.

Lenz Enterprises is situated on 150+ acres in Stanwood, Washington. From our base in beautiful Snohomish County we’ve worked hard to expand operations and to build a reputation for providing prompt, skilled service, and for stocking a full range of quality products from gravel to topsoil to mulch.

Tom Lenz established the company initially as an offshoot of the Schenk Packing Company, which had been using the site as a livestock holding yard and for mineral extraction from 1976 through 1985. Over time, the sand and gravel operations became our primary focus, which in turn encouraged the addition of related earthworks products and services.

Expanding Business Offerings In the Past Decade

In 1996, Tom’s son Jason officially joined the firm, bringing with him new interests that have served as the catalyst for the company’s expanded offerings. Among the additional products and services are:

  • The introduction of premium grade branded and universal earthworks products
  • An ambitious regional recycling program
  • Land development services
  • Business-to-business services

From our humble beginnings as a sand and gravel pit, Lenz Enterprises has grown to become a regional leader across many categories. These days, we have a team of 25 who share our optimism, and commitment, to providing the region’s best quality earthworks products and related services.

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