Drop Box

Contact us today to reserve your Lenz Yard Debris Drop Box.  We will deliver the Drop Box to you, and pick it up when you are done.  Easy, simple, and efficient. Call today for pricing and delivery information 360-629-2933.

Just a little reminder:

We Recycle:
+ Concrete/ Asphalt
+ Wood, Cardboard
+ Land Clearing – Dirt, Stumps, Brush
+ Food Residuals
+ Yard Debris
+ Agricultural material
+ Non contaminated soils

We DO NOT take:
- Metals (including appliances)
- Plastics
- Gypsum
- Roofing materials
- Household garbage
- TV’s, computers, monitors
- Oils, solvents, paints
- Asbestos containing materials
- Treated wood
- Fluorescent tubes
- Car batteries
- Tires